Frequently asked questions


- Does your software contain mallware, virusses or spyware?
No, our app does not contain mallware, virrusses or spyware. Verify the files with a virus scanner if you like.
- I love your app, where can I donate money!
We appreciate that you like our app. You can donate via paypal, and in return we will add more function to iceremote in the future.

- Does IceRemote work over internet?
Yes, but we don't recommand to use it via internet.
If you are a tweaker and only if you know what your are doing you can add a port forward rule in your router.
- Can I use bluetooth to connect to my pc?
No, our app doesn't support bluetooth.


- How do I start the software?
Just search 'Iceremote' in the start menu and click on the icon.
- How do I stop the software?
Click on the 'stop server' button in the application.
- Is a password necessery?
Yes. If we didn't add a password, other people in your network with iceremote will be able to control your pc!
- Why do i need to install Java?
The server application is written in Java. If you don't install Java JRE, the app would not start.
- How can I uninstall IceRemote?
Choose start, all programs, search for the folder iceremote and choose then uninstall. Follow the steps to delete iceremote from your computer.


- The app crasshes, what now?
Please sent a mail to whith your details, your phone model and the action you just did. We will take a look at it and try to fix the bug as soon as possible.
- How do I buy the mobile app?
Visit the android store:
Available in Android Market
- I cant see my ip in the list?
Check if the server application is running and the firewall on your pc doesn't block iceremote.exe. If you still cant discover your pc, you can manualy add your ip from your computer.
- Can I use IceRemote over 3G instead of WiFi?
No, a 3G connection has a lot of latency. If we should support 3G, then the app will be very slow!